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Halloween is one of the highest grossing annual celebrations, outside of the traditional “gift giving” holidays, as well as one of the most fun, recognizable, and exciting times of the year for kids and adults alike!

All of this means that Halloween is also a time of year ripe for reaching out to customers and prospects, and doing something a little out of the ordinary to capture their attention…

Below, I’ve put together eight tips and ideas from real business owners and marketers, who are flexing their strategic minds to come up with ways to stand out during the spooky season.

Here they are:

1. Create a Guide

“For ecommerce marketing, produce a downloadable Halloween Guide with
Tricks and Treats that focus on your niche of customers. Our Ultimate Guide
to a Great Halloween on One Foot helps our customers recovering
after injury or surgery with costume ideas, safety tips, decorating ideas,
and includes coupons.”

Tom Schwab
Founder and Owner
Goodbye Crutches

Twitter: @GoodbyeCrutches 

2. Hold a Contest

“One Halloween marketing idea to create some excitement and generate incremental revenue is to hold a contest. This can be done by both retailers and ecommerce companies. The contest should have a theme, something like:

1. Best celebrity impersonator costume

2. Best zombie poster design contest

3. Best spooky photograph

The contest winners should be chosen by whomever gets the most votes, and everyone is permitted to vote. This will encourage the entrants to send their friends to vote for them, either in person or online. More sales and brand exposure will follow.”

Leslie Handmaker
Marketing Manager
Next Day Flyers

Twitter: @NextDayFlyers

3. Take to Social Media

“Halloween is a great opportunity for businesses to engage with their
customers on social media. Have your employees dress up and create a video
that creates a buzz and can be shared or host a contest where customers can
vote on a costume for your CEO to wear on Halloween.

Matthew Zajechowski
Outreach Manager
Digital Third Coast


4. Get Involved, Throw a Party

“Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. has launched an event across
major central Indiana universities that allows students to look spooky,
sexy, or silly on a budget. The Goodwill store is every college student’s
favorite retail spot to ‘splurge,’ but with free food, incentives, and live
music, the experience is that much better.

Sean Wolfe
Account Director | Cardinal Communications
Community Assistant | Housing and Residence Life
Public Relations | Ball State University

5. Branded Giveaways

“Holidays are a great opportunity for small businesses to connect locally with their community by giving out branded promotional products that are themed for the holiday. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is the biggest holiday for consumer spending, and the affordability of promotional Halloween giveaways like trick-or-treat bags make it possible for even the smallest of companies to get noticed and get into consumers’ consideration sets.”

Nick Santangelo
Digital Copywriter
Promotions Now

Twitter: @NickSantangelo 

6. Flash Haunt

“I think my favorite idea is a Flash Haunting. Similar to a
flash mob, the small biz can get together a group of people in costume,
appear in a very public place, and then perform a dance (Michael Jackson’s
Thriller video is about perfect for this), stunt, or some other event that
gets high visibility.

Make sure the Flash Haunting lasts long enough for spectators to get video
on their camera and of course the small biz should have someone there to
record it themselves. Post it on YouTube and drop the local media a quick
email with a link to the video. Don’t forget to have some or all of the
characters with some kind of promotional piece for the store/product on
their costume or around the event. Finally, don’t forget to send out a link
to the video via email and social channels so you get current customers to
help spread the word about the wacky event.”

Robert Drumm
Marketing Manager
AC Lens

Twitter: @aclens

7. Limited Edition Products for Subscribers

“We’re the only major manufacturer of handbag hangers produced in the USA.
Each October, we announce limited-edition versions to generate interest. We
tell our loyal fans first on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and
those who subscribe to our newsletter, so they can purchase them before the
colors they want sell out.

One longtime customer has over 140 Clipas that she collects, trades, gifts to friends, and lends for photo shoots. Our special Halloween colors always sell out and fans love having something new and different to put on their favorite purse.

Trish Sweeney

Twitter: @theClipa 

8. Reverse Trick or Treat

“For Halloween, we plan to dress up with our company logo and visit small businesses and drop off a small box of candy with our logo that they can put on their companies reception area or front desk.”

Amore Leighton Black
Creative Director
Apples & Oranges Public Relations


You see, getting into the Halloween spirit and having some fun with your marketing is a great way to get your customers (and your brand name) involved in the holiday tradition.

From online-based ideas to literal door-to-door marketing, Halloween presents plenty of opportunities to present your brand to the public, and to enjoy yourself in the process…

The opportunities are only limited by your creativity!

In your corner,


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