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Since we started working together, I’ve got to say your coaching and mentorship delivered the exact strategy, perspective and accountability we needed!

Last year, we ranked as the #1 fastest-growing video marketing company in the US and we’re certain to be among the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies for the 3rd straight year!

Just think, since we started working with you, we went from just over $1MM three years ago to now hitting over $24.1MM this year! A 1,500% increase and there’s still plenty of growth waiting for us!

The point is, I’m truly grateful for the work we’ve done together. Hiring you was easily the best decision I’ve made for my company and I’m excited to see what we’re going to do together next!

Thank you!

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Michael Mogill

CEO, Crisp Media Group


Within 90 days of working with them, our Q1 revenue beat out our entire previous year’s revenue. This happened during the COVID-19 crisis when the world was practically shut down.


Predictable Profits is the real deal.”

Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder

CEO, Zen Media

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I learn more from you in a simple 1-hour phone call about marketing than if I were to spend 48 hours reading about it. Our time together is one of the best investments of my time when it comes to growing my business.”

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Lane Campbell

CEO, June, Inc.

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When you work with [Predictable Profits], everyone on the team performs at a higher level. You get strategies that help you think differently and results come quickly. With the their help, we exceeded our goals this year and look forward to his continued help as we grow.

a photo of Scott Gerber

Scott Gerber

CEO, Community Co

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Thirty years ago I started a niche business and sold it. It is still generating revenue today. If I had Charles Gaudet as my guide back then I would be very rich today. Don’t miss this.”

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Danny Hatch

Author, Target Marketing Magazine

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I’ve worked with some extraordinary people in this world, and Charles Gaudet is no exception. He sits among an exclusive list of positive deviants who are changing the world and opening up new possibilities for innovation, growth, and contribution. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Charles Gaudet or his company will certainly find the experience rewarding.

a photo of Paul Lemberg

Paul Lemberg

Author, Be Unreasonable


The more time I spend with Charlie, the more I appreciate his wisdom and experience.

A true giver, Charlie will do what it takes to help anyone succeed. He is a rare person who makes a difference.”

a photo of Danny Schayes

Danny Schayes

NBA All-Star, Entrepreneur

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I’m neurotically picky about who I work with. I’m looking for excellence, nuance, deep care, and someone who is relentless about getting it jusssst right. Charles Gaudet and the Predictable Profits Team is exactly that. Highly recommend!

a photo of Josh Shipp

Josh Shipp

Founder of Youth Speaker University

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The effect that [Predictable Profits]’s tactics and tools can have on your business far exceed what you can imagine now, because you simply can’t imagine the level to which [Predictable Profits] will take your thinking. This is a man who not only wakes up thinking about how he can help increase his value to you – I am convinced it is built into his DNA, and that he is consumed by that thought throughout the day…

a photo of Todd Engle

Todd Engle


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I’ve worked with some extraordinary people in this world, and Charles Gaudet is no exception. He sits among an exclusive list of positive deviants who are changing the world and opening up new possibilities for innovation, growth, and contribution.

a photo of Marshall Thurber

Marshall Thurber

Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary and Author

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…[I found value in] figuring out generally where to spend my time as an entrepreneur to get the most value and business growth out of my daily activities. We recently went through an exercise where I realized I was fishing in the wrong pond. That one exercise will probably save me 6-months of working my business…”

a photo of Jen Gordon

Jen Gordon

Jen Gordon, CEO of The Hope Deck


Since bringing Charlie and his team onboard to help us, he’s been amazing to work with. He helps us see and think about things that we haven’t considered or thought about when it comes to growing the business. He has helped us stay focused on our primary goals and objectives in order to hit and exceed our KPI’s. He has significantly helped us improve the business in very tangible ways (read increased revenue and better metrics). He’s results oriented and believes in applying a critical thought to the process to create lift on the metrics that are important to you and the company as a whole.

If you’re stuck in growing your business or moving the needle in specific areas, call Charlie and his team. The ROI is a no brainer and we’ll continue working with him beyond every shadow of a doubt.

Joel LeBendig

CRO, Community Co

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Working in the trading niche for the past 7 years has exposed me to some above average marketing minds, and I can say without a doubt that you’re the best hands down!

In the 7 months we’ve worked together (and the 7 figures we’ve made together), you’ve allowed me to focus on my job and even push what I thought was possible HIGHER!

Being able to trust that the copy you delivered would be on point, and that affiliates will make money, was the KEY to my success over the past 7 months. Happy to be working with you, and looking forward to ALL our projects in the near and distant future…

a photo of Brad Stafford

Brad Stafford

CEO, Financial Marketers & Publishing Group

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The first time I worked with him on a project, I knew from the start that we would be successful, and we were. He was so impactful for me that I am confident that his special abilities in business will make a huge difference for anyone!

a photo of Wendy Lucero-Schayes

Wendy Lucero-Schayes

Entrepreneur, Olympian, 9X National Champion

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Working with Predictable Profits has been outstanding! His copywriting skills are matched only by his professionalism. He approaches each project with a strong marketing perspective and brings great ideas to the table!

a photo of Craig Simpson

Craig Simpson

CEO, Simpson Direct, Inc.

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“Since I started working with you, I’ve made more money in that time span than any other time since I’ve been in business.”

a photo of Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell

CEO, Trading Concepts, Inc.


Charlie has an amazing ability to understand complex marketing challenges, to find the key selling points, and then to put it all together in a highly effective marketing campaign.

He has the special gift of seeing what others cannot.

He is a person who really understands business. He is passionate about life and has the highest integrity.

I highly recommend Charlie on both a personal and professional level.

a photo of Kevin Hallenbeck

Kevin Hallenbeck

Principal, Sandler Sales Training

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The folks at Predictable Profits have been incredible… I was amazed at how easy they made it, and how fast the results came. Definitely someone you can trust.

a photo of John Cannon

John Cannon

CEO, Total Health Chiropractic

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I recently had the pleasure of working with [Predictable Profits] on an outrageously successful product launch.

His steady guidance and encouraging enthusiasm lifted the performance level on the entire team; everyone started to deliver at a higher level than they were accustomed to, and it was effortless.

That’s the kind of impact he makes.

Charlie’s motto is ‘Together we’re better,’ and it’s absolutely true. However, after a while you realize that the common element to the positive attitudes and great results is Charlie himself.

photo of Craig Severson

Craig Severson

Founder, OptionsMD

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I’ve worked with some extraordinary people in t

Charlie is definitely someone who walks first, executes, and produces nothing short of massive results.

Not only does Charlie prove over and over that he knows what works, he also always turns around and brings the willing with him. It’s extremely rare to meet someone who is more committed to your success than he is. I have met this person through Charlie Gaudet.

The world needs to see what he has to share.

photo of Paul Tang

Paul Tang

CEO, Quantum Tactics

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“Working with [Predictable Profits] has been one of the best things I’ve ever done from a business standpoint… we’ll double our business for one reason, because we’ve had the opportunity to work with [Predictable Profits].”

a photo of Charles Kirkland

Charles Kirkland

Founder, Media Buyers Association


Many thanks to you and Heather for realigning Claudia and I to mount onto the ‘BULLET TRAIN TRACKS’ to success!

a photo of Berk Bucukoglu

Berk Bucukoglu

Founder, Alliance Management Group

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Charles is an exceptionally talented businessman. He makes the best of any situation, and isn’t afraid to try new things to create even better results. I’ve worked with him for over three years and am looking forward to many more! Charles comes highly recommended.

a photo of Mike Guida

Mike Guida

Director of Marketing, GetAds

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Predictable Profits was a pleasure to work with!!! Their professionalism and work ethic are above and beyond!

Thank you Charlie for a breath of fresh air in the marketing world!

photo of Linda Mitchell

Linda Mitchell

CEO, Luxury Destination Travel

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If anyone knew how hard a worker and how passionate you are, they would buy-in immediately…I do know, and although we are in different sectors, I would bank my homes on your enthusiasm and your family stock!

a photo of Philip Smith

Philip Smith

Chief of Police, Roswell New Mexico

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