The Platinum
Board of Directors

Who is this for?

  • 7-figure CEOs who want to get to 8 figures in 5 years or less
  • 8-figure CEOs who want to get to 9 figure valuation in 5 years or less.

The Platinum Board of Directors is an intimate group of top-performing CEOs committed to working together to win the game of bringing out the best in your company and team.

You’re going to immerse you with successful people who embrace discomfort, take action and seek sustainable growth (rather than growth at all costs).

Think of it as your Board of Directors – for clarity, strategic direction, and accountability.

Plus, you’ll have all the resources you need to get your questions answered. You ask, you receive.

You’ll get ideas and answers you would have missed by doing this yourself.

You’re held accountable for being your best and growing without the burnout of doing it all on your own.

Here's some of what we work on to begin:

We’ll start with a 1:1 call and uncover the areas below that are most pressing for you 


What do you believe is your biggest challenge or danger right now?


What’s stopping you most from capitalizing on your biggest opportunities and strengths?


Make sure you have the right team in the right places and stand up for having your best team.


Make sure you’re putting dollars into the right marketing and reducing and saving what isn’t producing an ROI.


Making sure your business supports your life and not sacrificing your life to keep your business growing.

I only work with 7 & 8 Figure CEOs in The Platinum Board of Directors who take coaching and feedback, reach out for help when needed, implement and report back on the results.

If you're ready to get started, here's
how it works...

1. Weekly Meetings

We get together as an entire group 2x per week [Tuesday & Thursday] to mastermind and brainstorm a specific strategy for YOUR business needs… so you can put it into action and report back on your results.

If you can’t attend live, you can watch the recordings by logging into your digital vault.

At these meetings, we dive deep into:

  • SETUP: how to create, capture and nurture demand
  • SALES: how to build, elevate and manage a high-converting sales team and process
  • SCALE: how to level up your team, yourself and systems as the greatest resource

2. Accountability

You’re held accountable for your stats and results. We’re a results-based group. If you’re not increasing, you don’t stay in.

3. Coaching

You’ll get unlimited asychronistic coaching with Charles Gaudet and select members of our coaching staff. 

4. Support for Teams

Your team gets supported too! Your team is invited to join various workshop topics relevant to their objectives. (Of course, there will be times when it’s reserved only for CEOs.) 

5. Yearly Meet ups

We’ll meet up twice per year, in person and as a group, for a live event where we’ll do our yearly strategizing and planning. [Date TBD: May and November] 

6. Slack Connection

Slack connection and community where you’ll be able to get more questions answered by the community and receive daily leadership coaching from Charles Gaudet.  

Remember, the more you implement…the more I will work closely with you. If you need help, we'll get on the phone and work it out.

Because we’re so selective with who we let in, we know the relationships you develop will last a lifetime. This group will support and encourage you like no other.

You will see how much you’re cared for by a group of CEOs who genuinely want you to win, will share anything with you they can, and will inspire you to be your best, even when it’s most challenging.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business.


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