Why Hire a Business Coach?

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."

Bob Nardelli
CEO, Home Depot

Anyone can tee up a ball, give it their best swing and call themselves a golfer. Those who seek to dramatically improve their game with consistent results hire a golf pro. This “coach” then identifies swing errors and helps develop short- and long-term strategies for playing at a higher level.

A qualified business coach provides you with similar benefits.

You see, many entrepreneurs can hit a certain level in their business through hard work, persistence and passion. Few, however, achieve $1M in revenue and even fewer go beyond 7-figures without the assistance of a business coach or mentor.

Even growing companies face challenges. For example, a study by the Kauffman Foundation found that 66% of companies listed on the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies list were either disadvantageously sold, went out of business or shrunk in size within 5-8 years.

High-performing business owners and CEOs who work with a qualified business coach receive customized strategies so they avoid frustrations such as:

Even great CEOs, such as Steve Jobs (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Google) and Bill Gates (Microsoft), as well as many small businesses on the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies list, credit a business coach for upgrading their decision-making skills.

"Everyone needs a coach."

Bill Gates
CEO, Microsoft

High-performing entrepreneurs and CEOs understand that getting a business coach is NOT a sign of weakness or failure, but rather a signal of strength. 

Across the board, the investment in business coaching demonstrates an ROI.

[Predictable Profits] helps us see and think about things that we haven’t considered or thought about when it comes to growing the business. He has helped us stay focused on our primary goals and objectives in order to hit and exceed our KPI’s.”

Joel LeBendig
CRO, Community Co

With over 1.3 billion search results for “how to grow a business,” finding a qualified business coach who can customize a solution that gives you better insights, decisions and results is key.

When you work with an experienced, high-level business coach, they:

“Since we started working together, I’ve got to say your coaching and mentorship delivered the exact strategy, perspective and accountability we needed! Last year, we ranked as the #1 fastest-growing video marketing company in the U.S., and we’re certain to be among the Inc 500 fastest-growing companies for the 3rd straight year!

…Hiring [Predictable Profits] was easily the best decision I’ve made for my company, and I’m excited to see what we’re going to do together next.”

Michael Mogill
CEO, Crisp Video

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Business Coach?

Hiring a qualified business coach reduces stress and accelerates growth. 

Of course, to get these results, you just can’t get all your answers from a book. That’s why it’s imperative your coach has direct, hands-on experience with growing companies and generating millions in bottom-line revenue.

You’ve worked this hard to take your business this far, so you deserve to hire only the best business coach. So before hiring a business coach, be sure to ask these 5 questions:

  1. Are you credited with generating at least $10 million in top-line revenue?

  2. Are you part of a rich and vibrant network of experienced professionals who will assist, where necessary, to solve my unique business challenges?

  3. Do you offer unlimited feedback and support?

  4. In addition to the business coaching calls, do you provide daily check-ins for increased accountability?
  5. Will you help me track and measure the impact of our work together?
Predictable Profits has a global network of the world’s top business coaches with experience, insight and strategy to build, grow and scale companies to the next level. Take the next step and see the blueprint used by many of the fastest-growing companies in America.


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