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Say Goodbye to Shortcuts
and Quick Fixes:

Learn The Time-Tested Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth

Featuring dozens of new stories and case studies from small business owners to entrepreneurial icons, The Predictable Profits Playbook goes beyond just sharing the secrets to growing faster in today’s market. You learn how to make your company less dependent on you to thrive.

These days, new tools, software, and tactics keep emerging, often making the same promises of effortless growth and easy profits. But could so much focus on shortcuts and quick fixes actually make reaching that next level of growth more difficult?

In this updated version of The Predictable Profits Playbook, Charles Gaudet reveals a methodology for sustainable business growth — backed by real-world examples — that explains why some companies always find opportunities in any economic environment and others stay stuck on the edge of failure.

Just cover shipping & handling ($7.95)

Inside, you'll learn time-tested lessons for:

  • Establishing a unique advantage that swipes market share from your competitors.
  • Avoiding the commodity trap while increasing demand for your product or service.
  • Getting premium prices as the preferred provider in your market.
  • Positioning your company for profit, even in a down economy.
  • Boosting customer loyalty and building a raving fan base.
  • Creating recurring revenue streams.
  • Building authority in your market.
  • And much more

The Predictable Profits Playbook isn’t just an important read for all entrepreneurs — it’s critical to your long-term success. This essential resource provides you with practical, actionable advice to ensure you focus on the most important tasks for growing your business.

Just cover shipping & handling ($7.95)

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Praise for The Predictable Profits

Since first published, The Predictable Profits Playbook has been named the Best Book on Sales & Marketing by the National Indie Excellence Awards and a Royal Dragonfly winner by the Story Monsters Book Awards. Its principles and strategies have been adopted by several of the nation’s fastest-growing 7- and 8-figure companies (including 15 named as one of America’s fastest-growing companies).

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Charles Gaudet

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Charles Gaudet has been an entrepreneur since the age of 4, created his first multi-million dollar business at 24, and has helped others generate millions with his strategies. He is also the host of The Beyond 7-Figures Podcast.

He’s the founder of Predictable Profits and has the great fortune of many helping multiple entrepreneurs achieve “Fastest Growing Company” status as well as:

Scale from just under $1M to $24.1M (a 2,334% increase) within 3 years

Generate an additional $1.17 million dollars within 10 days

Increase earnings per lead 540.14% within 15 months 

And more.

Charles has received numerous awards and recognition (including founding a company named as “One of the Best Seed Stage Companies” by Ernst & Young), received his Certificate of Leadership Development from The US Army War College and has his business advice featured around in the world — including Inc., Forbes, Salesforce, Success, Entrepreneur, and Fox Business — as well as on podcasts and radio.

He was named one of American Geniuses’ Top 50 Industry Influencers.

Charles trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (two gold medal finishes) and is a 3-time wrestling state champion. He lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, three adorable kid-preneurs and one badass dog.

GritDaily says Gaudet is:

regarded in entrepreneurial circles as one of the top coaches for helping entrepreneurs surpass the seven and eight-figure mark.

Influencive said:

there is one strategist and coach that hundreds of emerging companies on 7 and 8 figure trajectories turn to and that’s Charles Gaudet.

#1 New Release in Entrepreneurship Management and
#1 New Release in Marketing for Small Businesses

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