Make Your Business Unforgettable feat. Bill Kenney

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Today, we’re dipping into something that is the heartbeat of any successful business: the power of branding. Not just any branding, though, but the kind that makes your business unforgettable. It’s about creating a brand that resonates so deeply with your audience that it sets you apart from everyone else in the best possible way.

Episode 223: Learn how to make your brand unforgettable and elevate your business.

Bill Kenney, the mastermind behind FocusLab. Since launching in 2009, Bill and his team have redefined what it means to work with a branding agency, elevating brands like Marketo, Netflix, and Adobe to new heights. Beyond their impressive client roster, FocusLab has played a vital role in turning 18 clients into unicorns. That’s right, unicorns. Bill’s recently taken his expertise to the next level with his book, “Conquer Your Rebrand,” sharing the sauce behind creating impactful brands.

Key Takeaways:

                        • Branding goes beyond visuals; it’s about your business’s story and the emotions it sparks.
                        • Rebranding can attract better clients and elevate your business.
                        • The brand must be consistent across all platforms, reflecting your authentic self.
                        • The perception of your brand by others significantly impacts your business’s success and appeal.
                        • Branding is an ongoing process that evolves to stay relevant to your audience.
                        • Standing out means showcasing what makes your brand unique.
                        • Insights on strengthening your brand and offering strategies to move your business forward.

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