Starting & Growing Multiple Successful Companies at Once with Wally Hines…

Wally Hines

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Ep #129 – In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Wally Hines, an executive leader, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Wally has founded several successful companies and presently serves as CEO to multiple businesses.

Most recently, Wally founded the companies Basically, PlanePoster, and Your Virtual Genius. Basically dedicates itself to helping other businesses distribute internal company updates for their processes and/or employee responsibilities in real time. Plane Poster specializes in designing and producing the world’s best cockpit training posters for commercial airliners. Your Virtual Genius helps businesses offload many of their repetitive tasks through pairing them with virtual assistants.

In today’s episode, we discuss Wally’s entrepreneurial journey through running multiple companies simultaneously, and we get into many of the lessons he’s learned along the way.

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