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Sian Lenegan

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Ep #127 – In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Sian Lenegan, one of our lead business coaches at Predictable Profits. 

For over a decade, Sian has been in the business of helping companies thrive. As a Forbes Coaches Council member, she lives and breathes business development for SMBs who are attempting to crack the Growth Code®.

Alongside running a successful digital agency, generating six figure profits, and supporting hundreds of major companies, Sian has established herself as an expert through earning an MBA, completing the Goldman Sachs 10K Business Program, and following gurus like Tony Robbins and Keith Cunningham around the world. 

As a business mentor, Sian helps entrepreneurs and owners of service-based businesses to put systems in place for getting predictable and scaleable results for driving profits.

On a daily basis, she works one-to-one with business owners and/or their marketing teams on marketing strategy, tracking numbers and progress, and identifying gaps or training needs that need to be addressed.

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