Ilana Wechsler, Founder of Teach Traffic, on the Power of Paid Traffic to Scale…

Ilana Wechsler

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Ep #59 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Ilana Wechsler, the founder and director of Green Arrow Digital, the creator of the educational platform, Teach Traffic, and a personal friend.

Ilana started her career as a Data Analyst and transitioned to becoming a full fledged PPC expert. She has worked at many of the global financial institutions, but switched when she finally gave in to her passion for PPC, IT, and entrepreneurship.

She is truly passionate about working closely with her clients and helping them achieve their business goals by helping them grow their businesses online.

In today’s episode, we go into concepts of running paid traffic for both B2C and B2B businesses as well as some of the top platforms, including YouTube. This interview is loaded with great insights, tactics and ideas to maximize your paid traffic endeavors.

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