Richard Lorenzen, CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, On Leveraging The Power Of PR…

richard lorenzen

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Ep #57 – This week on the Beyond 7 Figures podcast, I’m joined by Richard Lorenzen, the CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, the leading PR firm for 8- and 9-figure companies in finance, policy and B2B tech.

Richard is regularly cited as one of America’s most influential millennial entrepreneurs and has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, AdWeek, PRWeek and more. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked him one of the top 50 people in digital marketing and Inc. Magazine named him one of the top inspirational entrepreneurs.

Born in New York as the son of a journalist and an FDNY firefighter, Richard developed an interest in entrepreneurship at the age of 15 and founded what would become Fifth Avenue Brands out of his parents’ home. He bootstrapped the firm to having now served hundreds of clients across the US, London, Tokyo and Singapore. Inc. Magazine called him one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs to watch.

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