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Curt Maly

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Ep #70 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Curt Maly, the founder of Black Box Social Media and a renowned Facebook advertising expert. Black Box is a “full-service” social media marketing agency that serves high profile individuals and companies, ranging from international motivational dpeakers to real estate investing gurus, reality TV stars to professional sports teams, and even bestselling authors.

After starting his career in real estate, Curt realized he could stand out from his competition by leveraging non-traditional advertising methods. His discoveries led to him founding Black Box Social Media with Nick Bridges, a fellow real estate investor.

Curt has been featured in a national real estate infomercial and is a contributing author in Mark Victor Hansen’s book, Writings From the Heart, which also featured contributions from the likes of Jim Rohn and Jeffery Combs.

what now?

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