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Last month, I used a great service called Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to compile some Halloween marketing ideas from real, live business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Because people seemed to like it so much, we’re doing it again for Thanksgiving!

Here’s a collection of marketing tips and tactics, straight from the people putting them into practice. Enjoy!

1. Show Some Humanity

“Thanksgiving is a perfect time for marketers to exhibit the human side of a brand.

It’s a prime time to engage consumers through social media. Small businesses can develop a campaign revolved around users sending in pictures of their family gathered around the table, descriptions of how they decorate for the holiday, or their turkey recipes.

Whatever they decide to go with, the name of the game is getting people involved in your brand during a time when they are willing to give feedback.“

Frank Riolo
Manager, Corporate Communications

Twitter: @convoagency

2. Thanksgiving Cards

“We annually send out Thanksgiving Thank You Cards wishing our clients
happy holidays, happy Thanksgiving, and thanking them for allowing us to
work with them during the past year. We like to send Thanksgiving Cards to beat the Holiday card rush (Christmas), be a little unique, and to
show-off our graphic design and print abilities.

This is something all small businesses can do to raise their notoriety, familiarity, and brand image. Market during a holiday that has limited competition – for us it
is Thanksgiving. You could try Tax Day, Columbus Day, or maybe your own
birthday (asking folks to celebrate the great day with you!).”

Ed McMasters
Director of Marketing & Communications
Flottman Company

Twitter: @FlottmanCompany

3. Get Festive Online

“One thing you can do during Thanksgiving is temporarily redesign your
website or your company logo to reflect the spirit of the holiday. Perhaps
you can modify your existing logo to include something turkey-themed. It
doesn’t have to be complicated; simplicity can attract just as much

Whatever changes you make, publicize them through social media
networks like Facebook and Twitter.”

Ian Aronovich
Co-founder and CEO 

Twitter: @govtauctions

4. Involve Current Customers

“We love to integrate holiday themed marketing promotions with social media. One marketing idea small businesses can implement during Thanksgiving requires customer involvement.

For example, a business could ask customers to share why they are thankful for a specific product during the holiday season. The submission (photo, video, or text) entered via social media would qualify as an entry into a sweepstakes. Winner(s) would be randomly selected to win their favorite product in an amount decided by the company.

Imagine the excitement and buzz generated by consumers when given the opportunity to win the products they already use and love. By activating the share functionality (as part of the submission process) customers willingly give testimonials about the products, which creates simple, yet effective, word-of-mouth marketing.”

Nikki Means
Project Socialize

Twitter: @ProjectSocializ

5. Change It Up

“While many companies use Thanksgiving to send clients generic cards or gifts to show appreciation, why not use a lesser-known November holiday to help make your message more memorable (and fun)? Here are several possibilities:

Nov. 15 – National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Nov. 19 – Have a Bad Day Day
Nov. 21 – False Confession Day
Nov. 26 – Shopping Reminder Day
Nov. 29 – Buy Nothing Day
Nov. 30 – Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day

Tie in what you do to one of these holidays. You might set up a game … make a special offer… have a contest… create a guide… or share fun facts that relate to your product or service. Remember, when you have a little fun, your marketing is more likely to grab attention and trigger interaction.”

Tom Trush
Direct-Response Copywriter
Write Way Solutions

Twitter: @tomtrush

Framing your marketing efforts around holidays allows you to use familiar imagery and language to closer identify with your prospects and customers…

Commonly celebrated events like this are a great “reason why” to have a sale, launch a new product, or just reach out to your customer base to say “hello.”

For even more “why” and “how” tips for staying connected with existing customers, and establishing a relationship with prospects, head on over to the Insiders’ Club.

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