Sian Lenegan, Business Coach


I’m Sian, obsessed with business success. For over a decade, I’ve been in the business of helping businesses thrive. I’m a Forbes Coaches Council member, I live and breathe to enable SMBs to crack the Growth Code® for their business.

Alongside running a successful digital agency generating six figure profits and supporting hundreds of start-ups, SMEs and established brands, I’ve also been fanatically educating myself about business. I’ve spent time achieving an MBA, completing the Goldman Sachs 10K Business Program, and following gurus like Tony Robbins and Keith Cunningham around the world. 

Over the last ten years I’ve uncovered the strategies and tactics that bring down barriers to create consistent, scalable business growth. 

As a business mentor I help entrepreneurs and owners of service based businesses put in place the systems to get predictable, scaleable results and the coaching to drive action, performance and profitability so that they can build a business that loves them back and they can quit the job they own while growing their income and freedom to lead a life they love. 

On a daily basis I work one to one with business owners and/or their marketing teams to work through the marketing strategy, tracking their numbers, progress and identifying gaps or training needs to work on together. 

Just as I provide support to business owners, the Forbes Council of Coaches would provide a community where I can continue learning, have a community of like-minded coaches wanting to help others for advice, inspiration and to meet other people in the network. My goal is to elevate everything I do as a coach and the Forbes Council would provide the right platform and opportunity to do that.


“I had a power hour call with Sian and it was fantastic!! It was so helpful to talk to a professional and get clarity as well. I feel a lot less overwhelmed and more focussed. Thanks Sian, you’re great! Definitely recommend her services!”

-Tam Eyre

“I had an amazing call with Sian, that got me back on track, focused on what I need to be doing in my business. She helped me set a game plan in place with exactly what I should be focusing on in the next month — including helping me set up a 90 minute daily business growth activity. I feel like I have more clarity on the business, and am better equipped to make a greater impact on people. Thank you Sian!”

-Brandon Hakim

“Sian has been rocket fuel for my business. BS (before Sian) I had lots of energy but no clue which of my endless ideas to pursue. Within a fortnight of getting Sian on board, I had a clear vision, a great sense of order with a lovely list of achievable goals, and motivation which was paced and channelled. She has a lovely nurturing but direct style, she really connects to whatever I’m trying to say, she is absolutely clear and confident and I just say ‘yes’ to whatever she suggests, such is my confidence in her. More than anything, she is making the process of getting my business off the ground fun, and I look forward to telling her how the homework she has set me has born fruit. I am already recommending her to all and sundry, as there isn’t a single small business owner I know that couldn’t do with Sian. She is just brilliant.”

-Beatrice Newbery