Online Media Buying – Part 2: Strategies vs. Systems

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In Part 1, we looked at how critical online media buying is for scaling your business. Today, we’re diving even deeper to explore the systems and principles that will set you up for scalable growth and ever-increasing profits! 

These principles are the essence of what’s required to create a mega-successful media buying campaign.

They apply to every business, and separate the “average Joe marketer” from the strategic entrepreneur who uses media to bring in more cash and dominate their market.

I’ll say this again: these are foundational principles that – while often ignored – represent the BIGGEST impact on the success (or failure) of your online media strategy.

Heed my warning: this takes patience and persistence. 

There’s no hiding the fact that media buying is (on the surface) a complex topic. There is no easy button and no magic pill to substitute the information we’re covering. 

In fact, anyone who tells you differently is trying to lure you into buying some fancy software or info-product – only adding to your distractions and sense of overwhelm. It’s like teasing you with the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

But today, I’m going to give you the most important (and seldom talked about) formula for creating a winning media-buying strategy.  

You can use this information to help you instruct, manage, and empower others on the proper steps required to create a winning campaign. 

Without this knowledge, you risk overspending and sub-optimizing results.  

With this knowledge, you’re putting yourself on the pathway to dominate your market with better, more efficient sales.

This is a roadmap that had the CEO of a national branding agency tell me: 

“We just got started a month ago, and we’re already blowing away our competition – how is it that nobody else is doing this?”

And yet, it follows the same principle that we share in the Speed-to-Scale™ program:  

“Working smarter, not harder.”

…I’ve been purchasing online traffic since 2008, but no matter how much I thought I knew about the topic, I always felt like I was behind my competition.

I purchased all the books, invested in courses… I met with traffic experts in Canada, London, and across the US who supposedly taught me the secrets for capturing more traffic, leads, and sales online. 

Charles Kirkland was the first to open my eyes to this process.

The problem with all these strategies taught then (and now) was just that… They are only strategies.

Follow me for a moment…

A strategy is a single plan for achieving a goal. Facebook is a strategy for getting more leads (or more sales) on Facebook. Google is another media strategy… As are all of the other platforms. 

The way most people approach (and teach) buying traffic is to have a set of strategies.

That approach is the very definition of “working too hard” – having a bunch of strategies all working independently, trying to achieve the same goal.

Write this down: the secret to generating predictable traffic is to have a series of strategies working together to form a system.

You see, most entrepreneurs make a mistake by trying to build their business using strategies.

They have a Facebook strategy, an email strategy, a Google strategy, and so on.

They have independent strategies working on their own trying to accomplish a common result.

Again, this is simply working too hard…

The strategic entrepreneur creates a traffic system where everything works together, allowing you to generate more leads, more consistently and more predictably by working smarter (not harder).

Now, I’ve owned many companies in my life… One was a proprietary stock trading company. We ran millions in the market trading strategies, but it wasn’t until I custom designed our own trading system that everything changed.  

SYSTEMS help us make more money, more consistently, and more predictably than ever before.

Traffic is no different!

A winning media buying system works together to generate a 1+1=3 benefit.

In other words, the sum of 2 strategies working together is far more effective (and produces far more results) than each strategy working independently.

The billion-dollar secret behind companies like is that they’ve cracked the code on how to get more done with less.

When everyone else operates like 1+1=2…

Amazon has a 1+1=3 strategy.

They don’t use strategies, they have a system. There’s a difference.

A system is a series of connected strategies designed to achieve a major goal. 

So, let’s say you take out a Facebook ad. Someone clicks on your ad, goes to your website, and then leaves. 

This person clicked on your ad, and therefore, identified themselves as someone interested. If they didn’t buy now, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever buy. We know as much as 94% of all consumers will look at other sources of information before making a buying decision. If your prospect left your website, perhaps they’re still doing their research.  

For most people, they just paid Facebook for a potential customer that left and will never come back again.

Once you deploy the Predictable Traffic System, this will never happen to you again…

The system follows a very specific formula.  

The hottest traffic is your “retargeted” traffic (this is where you’re only showing ads to people who previously identified themselves as your ideal candidate).

Start targeting the hottest traffic first, then scale to the coldest traffic.

The system looks like this:

If you did nothing else – and just focused in on these top traffic strategies – you could quadruple the size of your business with a consistent flow of leads and sales.

Once you tie this system together, you can automatically retarget all these potential buyers – 24×7 – without working any harder.

This system is optimized to produce maximum results with the least amount of time and effort – without any of the whizbang traffic strategies the gurus are pushing.

“Champions are brilliant at the basics.”

– John Wooden

In Part 3, we’ll discuss how all of these efforts combine together to get your messages in front of more prospects – especially those ready to buy – by working smarter, not harder.  

what now?

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