Knowing When & How to Exit Your Company with M&A Expert, Lowell Ricklefs…

Lowell Ricklefs

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Ep #110 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Lowell Ricklefs, the founder and managing partner of Traction Advising, a premier boutique M&A firm focusing on B2B SAAS companies between $5M and $20M ARR. Lowell has orchestrated acquisitions of over 30 technology companies, and specializes in helping founders find the right acquirer while negotiating the best deal.

Lowell twice built the leading company in the insights data collection industry: at GMI (sold to WPP for $100M) and Toluna (sold to a private equity firm for $260M). He later co-founded FlexMinder (Healthcare IT sold to JellyVision).

He was involved in over 12 acquisitions from the buy side. He knows how and why buyers buy, is an expert on selling small technology companies, and is able to negotiate better deals with a higher likelihood of closing. Lowell is hands on with every transaction from start to finish.

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