Jeremy Harbour on Buying a Business as a Growth Strategy…

Jeremy Harbour

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Ep #21 – Jeremy Harbour, a global leader in the field of small business mergers and acquisitions, joins me on the show today to discuss buying a business as a growth strategy. Jeremy is the founder of the Harbour Club which is a membership program teaching his wealth of knowledge to business owners wanting to go deeper. He currently operates out of Singapore and has investments in over 12 countries. 

Jeremy has bought and sold over 100 companies and advised more than 200 acquisitions. He’s personally completed over 100 M&A transactions and has advised on over 200 deals in all major markets.

In this interview, Jeremy and I will get into the tactics and strategies for buying, selling, and fixing a business. Jeremy is a true master at his craft and an open book willing to share what he’s learned with others. If you’re interested in buying businesses and the field of M&As, you won’t want to miss this interview.

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