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Media coverage is a powerful way to reach new prospects and develop trust with the people already considering doing business with you…

We get these types of questions all the time, so as usual, we want to share the answer with the world!

QUESTION: “Charlie, I have a list of reporters. What’s the best way for me to leverage this information and get some free press?”


Great question!

A couple things to keep in mind…

Unless you’re a big public company, the media doesn’t care about you.  

Refrain from sending out press releases that are all about you or your company.

Rather, if you want the best results, send press releases that make the reporter’s job easier.

Here’s what I mean:

Every day, a reporter wakes up and needs to find a new angle or new topic for a story. Sometimes, all they need is one… Other times, they have a quota to create several stories. That’s a lot of pressure!

So, ask yourself: “How can I make their job easier?”

In many cases, it’s about making your press release relevant.

You could make it relevant to a holiday (i.e., Christmas)… To an event (i.e., the election)… Or to a problem (i.e., termites).

For example, when Meryl Streep took a dig at Donald Trump during the Golden Globe Awards – while also taking a little jab at MMA – the President of Bellator MMA instantly drafted an open letter inviting Meryl Streep to attend a fight.

A great angle for a press release…

Just as when a local Australian insurance company heard that President Obama was coming to Australia… The company, TIO, issued a press release offering Obama free crocodile attack insurance. The company agreed to pay out $50,000 to his wife, Michelle, if the president got attacked by a crocodile.

Because of this unique angle, TIO received MILLIONS of dollars of free publicity.

So, first and foremost, focus on an angle. Offer a creative solution, tip, or statistic the reporter can use in their next story.

Next, be consistent.

The first, second, even tenth time you send out a press release, you might not get any attention.  

Staying consistent (at least 2 per month) will establish some degree of familiarity with the reporter.

The more familiar the reporter is with you as an expert, the more likely you will be featured in their next story.

Hope this helps!

In your corner,

Charles E. Gaudet II

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