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Chris LoCurto

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Ep #106 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Chris LoCurto, an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and leader-of-leaders who presently leads the Poimen Group, LLC, a life, business, and leadership coaching organization dedicated serving individuals and companies around the world.

Through the Poimen Group, Chris and his team employ coaching vehicles (which include strategic business planning, one-on-one coaching, mastermind groups, life coaching, and more) to help individuals and businesses reach their maximum personal and professional potential.

Prior to starting the Poimen Group, Chris served as the Vice President of Live Events for Dave Ramey and was featured as one of his key leaders for a period of 12 years. Chris oversaw “The Total Money Makeover LIVE!” show and helped it grow in attendance from 1600 to 11,000 per event. Together, Chris and Dave developed EntreLeadership from their shared experiences, which he is now an expert in teaching.

Over the last decade, Chris helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and professionals become the strongest, most effective leaders for their teams, discover the growth keys for their businesses, create a culture of champions, and find a life and career path they really want.

Additionally, Chris now hosts his own podcast, “The Chris LoCurto Show,” where he shares vital information to help you grow your leadership, your business, and your life. Each weekly episode is packed with tools that cause you to look at leadership and life in a different way, and focus on what really matters: people.

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