B2B Sales & Marketing Tactics for Mid-Market to Enterprise Leads with Andrei Zinkevich…

Andrei Zinkevich

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Ep #107 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Andrei Zinkevich, the co-founder of, a marketing agency that specializes in helping B2B tech and service-based companies generate demand and land sales-qualified, mid-market to enterprise opportunities with full-funnel account-based marketing operations.

Andrei has been living and breathing B2B marketing since 2006. He spent 8 years working in the enterprise segment for Kimberly Clark and Biosphere Corporations before launching his own consulting company, GetLeado, in 2013. While working as a consultant, he identified a common need for mid-market and enterprise level sales leads within two specific verticals: B2B tech companies (SAAS, blockchain, hardware) and service-based companies (software development, consulting, cybersecurity, DevOps as a service, etc).

Andrei went on to launch in 2017 with business partner, Vladimir Blagojevic, where they now combine 30+ years of experience in B2B marketing and the enterprise segment to serve clients as external marketing advisors, while also offering consistent support and providing training materials that include step-by-step playbooks, templates, marketing/sales dashboards, tech stack, and process maps.

Going into today’s interview, Andrei was fresh off running his “FullFunnel B2B Marketing Summit” event and we spend a bit of time discussing the strategy behind the summit and how that serves lead generation for his business. There’s a lot to learn here so grab a notepad and enjoy the show.

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