A Krispy Kreme Employee Gives Us a Lesson in Awesome Customer Service

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Plenty of companies claim to have great customer service. And while many of them do, we don’t see too many examples of an employee going truly above and beyond to meet the needs of the customer…

In a popular Youtube video, though, one Krispy Kreme employee totally shatters expectations and shows her dedication to providing value.

In the video, a young man working on a “Rejection Therapy” video series walks into Krispy Kreme with a seriously tough order… donuts linked together like the Olympic Rings!

The woman behind the counter, Jackie, barely bats an eye at the strange request, and goes instantly into problem solving mode… You can practically see the gears turning!

As she’s thinking, she mentions a few steps of the process out loud (she obviously knows her stuff), and as she thinks of the possibilities, she’s determined to come up with a solution for the customer… even explaining some of the shortcomings of the equipment and what she plans to do to make it work.

Now, here’s where things get really incredible…

The customer (who was expecting to be told no) told her the wrong colors for the Olympic Rings by accident, but instead of taking his word for it, she Googled the rings and made the right colors anyway…

After a short while, she emerges from the back with a box filled with five colored donuts, cut to appear as though they were connected like Olympic Rings. Then, when the video maker asks where to pay, Jackie tells him it’s on the house!

Just amazing.

After facing the challenge head on, coming up with a solution based on her limited resources, AND delivering an awesome product that met the customer’s needs… she took an extra step that truly made him (and 5 million Youtube viewers) say “WOW!”

She gave it to him for free…

You can imagine what kind of impression this has on a customer… Do you think he’ll go back for donuts? Of course he will!

And the impact of his first experience (and what that means in terms of repeat business) has far more value to the company than the few dollars he would have spent on that first transaction.

Jackie, this model Krispy Kreme employee, teaches a couple of important lessons in customer service…

  1. Doing everything in your means (including thinking creatively) to help meet customer needs will have a lasting impact – even if the end result isn’t perfect!
  2. A “WOW” experience has a way of travelling… Jackie was just trying to make one customer’s day, and here I am writing about it! The video has over 5 million views!

People love these kinds of stories, and because of it, word spreads fast (and with it, the reputation of the business).

This tale of customer satisfaction is possible because of Jackie’s positive attitude, of course, but let’s not forget that a lot of employers don’t let stuff like this fly…

It is because she was given the freedom to do whatever it takes to provide amazing customer satisfaction…

Can you say the same for your employees?

In your corner,


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