Betting On Gamers & Esports With Tom Fairey, Founder of Stakester…

Tom Fairey

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Ep #84 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Tom Fairey, the founder of Stakester, an entertainment platform that gives gamers a way to create video game competitions with real money. Stakester acts as the 3rd party payment solution to manage a competition prize pool and ensure that payouts are handled correctly.

The company is now seeing explosive growth in the red hot video gaming/esports industry. In today’s interview, we discuss the business philosophies that led Tom to create and scale Stakester to where it is today. Tom is all about discipline, and has some incredible stories to share about how his background as a wrestler and martial arts practitioner has fueled his success. 

Tom is also the host of the podcast “Back Yourself” and a regular publisher of business based articles on Medium @thomasfairey.

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