Building Profitable Customer Acquisition Campaigns with Top Marketing Authority Todd Brown…

Todd Brown

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Ep #152 – In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Todd Brown, a bestselling author and top authority in digital marketing who is known for his ability to engineer profitable customer acquisition campaigns for his clients. Todd is the creator of the world renowned E5 Method, and teaches other entrepreneurs how to leverage his process for bringing predictability into the customer acquisition process so they can start scaling their companies.

Todd is described as the marketing expert that other experts seek out when they need help in their own businesses. He has earned this reputation through creating profitable promotions for some of today’s most prominent direct response marketers and companies in the online space. With clients in over 64 countries and operating in over 71 different (mass and niche) market segments, Todd has helped clients from around the world create six and seven-figure marketing campaigns through his E5 Method. 

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