The Art of Strategic Listening for Business Leaders feat. Brenda Viola…

193. The Art of Strategic Listening for Business Leaders feat. Brenda Viola

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As a business leader, communication is the cornerstone of your success. Your message must be clear and passionate to engage and inspire your audience. It’s like conducting a symphony, using pauses to emphasize your key points and connecting with your audience emotionally. This creates lasting connections that go beyond just the words you speak.

Brenda Viola is the CEO and founder of Vici Communications. She is also an award-winning Public Information Officer, news anchor/producer, author, and inspirational speaker. Viola emphasizes the importance of being clear about your message, using stories to engage and inspire your audience, and being authentic and sincere in your delivery. Viola stresses the importance of being a good listener and using communication to connect with others. At the heart of Brenda Viola’s work is a genuine love for people and a zeal to live life fully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationships are key to business success and should be prioritized in leadership
  • Be authentic and share personal experiences to build connections with an audience
  • Strategic listening involves being the last to speak and acknowledging others’ ideas
  • To keep an audience’s attention, it is important to engage them with stories, polls, and pauses
  • Listening is crucial for effective communication and can be enhanced through curiosity and a willingness to understand different perspectives
  • Take the time to prepare and practice communication, including testing material with trusted individuals and anticipating audience engagement
  • Making others feel great can make an impact in communication

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