Improving Business Communication with Art of Charm’s AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak

The Art of Charm Podcast "Improving Business Communication"

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Ep #94 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by the co-creators of the Art of Charm podcast and the X-Factor Accelerator coaching program, AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak.

AJ and Johnny help people easily connect and captivate anyone they meet. Through their podcast and coaching programs, they have helped celebrities, Olympic athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs create deeper connections, improve persuasion, and ultimately increase their influence.

In today’s episode, we will discuss the tactics and principles from their programs, and how they apply to the business world. You’ll hear discussions on networking, the power of influence, and how to be a better communicator – even if you’re an introvert. Enjoy!

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