Lessons From a 9-Figure Company Exit with Shahar Erez…

Shahar Erez

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Ep #125 –
In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Shahar Erez, the co-founder of Stoke Talent and a serial entrepreneur who recently completed a successful exit from his company after selling Stoke Talent to Fiverr for $110M.

Stoke Talent now operates as an independent company owned by Fiverr, and Shahar remains committed to its mission. The business provides an on-demand talent platform that empowers companies to adopt a hybrid workforce model for scaling quickly and efficiently.

Shahar is a tech-scene veteran in Israel and Silicon Valley, having amassed over 15 years of executive experience in engineering, products, and marketing for companies like Mercury, HP, VMware, and Kenshoo. He has built a reputation as a strategic thinker who leads organizational change and drives growth through developing talent and promoting a learning culture. Shahar’s company, Stoke Talent, was created to provide full transparency and compliance for the process of hiring and managing freelancers. It accomplishes this goal by combining data, a streamlined experience, and access to a wide talent pool.

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