Charles Gaudet

Charles Gaudet

Robby Berthume, CEO of Bull & Beard and Agency Match, on His Entrepreneurial Journey and Agency Growth Strategies…

Ep #15 – In today’s episode, I interview Robby Berthume, the CEO of Bull & Beard and founder of Agency Match. Robby started his first agency at the age of 14 and has now worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of premiere agencies across the world.

Robby is one of the foremost experts in agency growth and has scaled multiple agencies to 7-figures plus. You may have seen Robby featured in various publications including Forbes, Fortune, Success, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Inc., and the HuffPost among others.

In today’s episode, we discuss Robby’s personal entrepreneurial journey and the speed-bumps and challenges he faced along his path to success. We also get into growth strategies for scaling an agency business.

Bull & Beard is an agency collective backed by hundreds of vetted and vouched-for specialized agencies. Founded in 2013, we work with brands for free and with no obligation. The agencies we represent specialize in branding, marketing, creative services, digital, video production, media, and public relations. They have been thoroughly vetted through our Agency Review process. Our collective’s experience spans nearly every category and we work with founders to Fortune 500s as an agency of agencies.

Agency Match is a directory of vetted and vouched-for specialized agencies. Profiles are written by Bull & Beard and brands can shortcut their shortlist by capability and category.

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