Neil Gordon on How to Craft an Elevator Pitch that Gives People Chills…

"Neil Gordon on How to Craft an Elevator Pitch that Gives People Chills" (Podcast)

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Ep #74 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Neil Gordon, a speaking trainer and the creator of the Silver Bullet method. Neil helps authors, public speakers, and thought leaders become the face of their own movements by leveraging public speaking to create even more visibility.

Neil has served as a ghostwriter for numerous six-figure earning nonfiction books, and has been featured on national media outlets including Ellen and Dr. Oz.

Neil’s Silver Bullet method helps speakers and business owners get clear on their message by breaking it down into simple sentences that focus on action and outcome.

Today, we look at the Silver Bullet method and discuss how it applies to creating a powerful elevator pitch that will not soon be forgotten.

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