Mark Colgan on Leveraging Automation to Maximize the Performance of Your Sales Team…

Mark Colgan

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Ep #29 – My guest today is Mark Colgan, an automation expert and the Chief Revenue Officer for TaskDrive, a company that automates the lead research process for sales development reps and account executives so they can focus more time on building relationships, booking meetings and hitting targets. TaskDrive aims to optimize a business’ current sales team without the cost and hassle of hiring more people. With advanced lead research, your sales reps will be able to have important data points available so conversations with prospects are more personalized and the groundwork is set to develop more meaningful relationships. The aim of TaskDrive is to enhance a sales team’s performance by removing repetitive research tasks that may take up as much as 14 hours per week and freeing up time to focus exclusively on revenue generating tasks.

In today’s interview, Mark and I discuss TaskDrive along with the importance of automation for business. Mark also breaks down the rules for adding automation including what to look for when deciding whether to automate certain tasks. There’s a lot covered in this short interview and Mark has a ton to add to the conversation around automation. Enjoy!

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