Justin Womack, Podcast Manager & Copywriter, on Leveraging Clubhouse for Business…

Justin Womack

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Ep #76 – This week on the show, I’m going a bit meta by bringing on the manager of the “Beyond 7 Figures” podcast, Justin Womack, as my featured guest. Justin is a direct-response copywriter, a product launch manager, and the cohost of his own podcast, “Marketing Geeks,” where he’s interviewed high profile guests like Pat Flynn, Oren Klaff, and short-seller activist Carson Block.

Justin specializes in the personal development & business coaching space, where he serves his clients through managing joint venture launches, creating automated and evergreen marketing campaigns, launching podcasts, and helping to dial in their messaging and offers, ultimately growing their bottom lines. 

Most recently, Justin has worked behind the scenes to manage product launches for clients including John Assaraf, known from the movie “The Secret,” and Steve Olsher, the founder and editor-in-chief of “Podcast Magazine.”

In addition to his work with private clients, Justin is a certified partner with Infusionsoft, a featured Fiverr Pro service provider, and he’s recently established a presence and following on the new audio-centric social media platform, Clubhouse.  

In today’s interview, we talk about the emergence of Clubhouse, how businesses can use it as a marketing tool, and why giving value up front is the ultimate strategy to acquire clients for life.

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