Scaling Self-Pour Technology to Disrupt the Beverage Industry with Josh Goodman, Founder of PourMyBeer…

Josh Goodman

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Ep #155 – In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Josh Goodman, an Inc. 5000 award winner, 2-time Entrepreneur 360 award winner, and the founder of PourMyBeer, a company with 300+ self-pour locations in 23 countries. Josh developed the company’s proprietary self-pour technology to benefit both the customer and business operator. The company is currently expanding with other beverages as it slowly rebrands to PourMyBeverage.

PourMyBeer and PourMyBeverage help business operators worldwide increase sales by creating an unforgettable experience for patrons while simultaneously decreasing waste and reducing staffing challenges.

For establishments powered by the self-pour technology, getting a drink has never been easier. Guests approach the tap wall with their registered RFID card or wristband. Once the system recognizes the card, patrons can read about drinks on tap. When they’re ready to pour, patrons grab a glass and begin pouring.

Altogether, guests can check-in and start pouring in less than 30 seconds. The system charges by the ounce, so customers only pay for what they pour. You can sample as many different beverages as you want at the touch of a button! The company is dedicated to providing reliability and transparency within their technology and business practices.

Prior to founding PourMyBeer in 2009, Josh worked in business development with Modis, an IT staffing firm. He was responsible for building the Baltimore Metro market for the company, and landed several blue chip accounts that took that market from non-existent to a top producing segment in a matter of 24 months. 

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