Lessons from Jere Simpson’s Entrepreneurial Journey to a 10-Figure Company Exit…

Jere Simpson

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Ep #150 – In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, VC, and the founder of Kitewire Mobility, Jere Simpson, who recently sold the business for a $1 billion stake in the acquiring company.

Jere founded Kitewire in 2007 as a time and materials government contractor. Over the next 9 years, he successfully grew the company from a one-man startup to a 7-figure enterprise with 40 employees before making a bold pivot in 2018 that repositioned the business as a B2B cybersecurity company.

Following this pivot, Jere renamed the company from Kitewire to Kitewire Mobility and successfully landed the FBI as a client. Leveraging the prestige of having the FBI as its client, the company saw exponential revenue growth that ultimately led to Jere selling the business for a $1 billion dollar stake in the acquiring company.

Jere continues to work with Kitewire Mobility and has gone on to found Atlas Up, a company that creates project, product, and portfolio roadmaps for a client base that include the US Navy, US Army, Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX, among others. Prior to Kitewire, he founded and exited multiple other companies that are highlighted in this interview.

Jere has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Worth Magazine, and CNBC with Marcus Lemonis.

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