Lessons from Building the Highly-Curated Mastermind Talks Community with Jayson Gaignard…

Jason Gaignard

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Ep #144 – In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Jayson Gaignard, the founder and CEO of MasterMind Talks (MMT), an invite-only and highly exclusive community of top tier entrepreneurs. The MMT community is carefully curated, with the group receiving over 2500 applications per year and an average waiting period of 6 years to get in. The exclusivity of MMT has allowed Jayson to build this community without spending a single dollar on traditional advertising.

Jayson likes to say that he’s not self-made, but rather “community-made.” He believes entrepreneurs are drowning in contacts and starving for community. By creating connections with high quality people and investing in those relationships, Jayson has achieved life changing results.

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