Investing for Social Impact with Inc. 500 Founder & Serial Entrepreneur, Ivan Anz…

Ivan Anz

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Ep #133 – In this week’s podcast episode, I sit down with Ivan Anz, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur, author, and the founder of PhilanthroInvestors.

Ivan created PhilanthroInvestors in 2019 with the goal of combining traditional venture capital financing with philanthropic principles, achieving social impact while returning profits for its PhilanthroInvestors®️.

His inherent thrust to “PhilanthroInvest” drove him to create Equity & Help®️, a turnkey social impact real estate investing program, in 2014. Equity & Help, Inc. has since placed in the Inc. 500 for two years: in 2019 at #128 in the nation, rising to #83 in 2020.

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