Charles Gaudet

Charles Gaudet

Help! I’m Stuck and No One Is Calling!

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Today we’re looking at a question that came in a little while back. It’s a pretty simple answer – but one many entrepreneurs need to hear…

QUESTION: “I’m stuck and can’t figure out why I’m not getting as many calls as I should from my website, can you help?”


The above question has been presented to our VP of Client Success, Zach Burkes, many times recently, so I thought I’d address it head on.

You see, while YOU might fully understand what you’re offering to your buyers…

And while YOU might think you understand what makes you different and better than your competitors…

…It may not be crystal clear to your readers.

For example, can you tell me what this person does?

^ This is an actual description from a marketing consultant.

Now, it’s not my style to criticize my competition – just know this: if it takes your reader more than 5 seconds to figure out what you’re selling, you’ll lose them.

Secondly, if you read your blurb aloud, and it doesn’t easily roll off the tip of your tongue – it’s too complicated and won’t resonate. This is a big reason companies of all kinds get stuck, and struggle to get the leads and prospects they need.

Make it simple and easy to understand… Without all the jargon.

For example, compare the blurb above with that of 1ShoppingCart:

It’s clear about what they do.

So, while there are many, many ways to improve your online experience, start by making “what you do” crystal clear and obvious within 5 seconds…

In your corner,


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