Eliminate Distractions for a Productivity Boost

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I used to pride myself in my ability to multitask.

Heck, because of my learning disabilities (and my supposed inability to focus), the doctor even told me I am a natural multitasker. I accepted that as a truth.

Basically, I let someone with a fancy white lab coat and an overpriced Ivy League degree give me permission to multitask, and because of that, I never thought to question whether or not she was right.

That was my first mistake (I’ve since managed to find ways to teach myself how to “self-medicate” using a number of natural sources – after the doctor accidentally overmedicated and nearly killed me).

It wasn’t until I read the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller that it dawned on me…

Multitasking is NOT helping you become more productive. On the contrary, it’s hindering your ability to become more productive.

It’s true.

Keller used the example of a computer.

Let’s say you have one of those brand new iMacs or PCs…

When you first turn it on and fire up just one program, wouldn’t you agree that your computer works pretty fast?

Now, what happens to your computer as you start to open up more and more programs?

Ultimately, the more programs you open, the slower your computer begins to run… And the machine’s productivity is reduced. Right?


Because your computer runs off of a “Central Processing Unit” – otherwise known as the CPU.

It’s the brain of the computer, and is responsible for carrying out the instructions of a program.

Your brain is YOUR CPU.

The more programs you have tapping your brain, the more processing power it requires – and  the slower your productivity becomes.

By eliminating all distractions and focusing in on just ONE thing, you’re able to get more done.

That means blocking “focus time” in your calendar. In my world, I prefer to block 9am-12pm, Monday through Friday, as focus time – and at least 1 full day of the week.

Focus time (or as some people are known to call it, “magic time”) is time I spend working ON my business, not in it.

During your magic time, shut the door to your office, turn off all email notifications, snooze Slack, and put your phone on vibrate…

This practice has become so effective for me, I started shutting off my email during the day, and only check it in the morning at 11am, and again around 4pm.

Most of the time, I only respond to client emails Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday… And 90% of my emails go unread until Friday. I don’t answer my own phone and rarely accept any unscheduled calls.

The only people who have regular access to me are my direct team and Predictable Profits Academy Members who have access via Slack.

…That’s how I get so much  done in a week. Guaranteed, I get more done in one week than most people get done in two. Easily.

But it wasn’t always this way… It started AFTER I figured out the formula I’m sharing with you today.

Eliminate distractions while managing and protecting your own time… And watch your productivity skyrocket.

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