Elevate Your Leadership feat. Mason Bendewald…

Elevate Your Leadership feat. Mason Bendewald

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Elevating your leadership holds impact, and changes your ways of generating new ideas that benefit you and your company according to Mason Bendewald. Drawing attention can be difficult when you are in a competitive industry, knowing there are a lot of individuals doing the same things as you. Due to the tight competition, some tend to mimic the styles and copy the custom of others. This leads to losing their own unique inspiration.

Episode 163: Digging deeper into the depths of leadership and connection for a valued community

In this episode with Mason Bendewald, we talked about his journey as a fitness-content creator, and as a CEO who paved the way and made a notable mark in the fitness industry. I interviewed Mason and understand the force he has that separates his work. We also talk about how he chose not to camouflage but rather elevate his performance in an industry full of basic ideas. Mason shared his uniqueness as an entertainer. One who establishes a strong presence in front of the camera while he executes creativity as the director behind lenses.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to break into the fitness industry from Mason Bendewald
  • His distinct qualities that would be beneficial for any director and CEO
  • To understand that your potential and skill set can help you achieve your life objectives
  • To create an edge that separates you from others and one that stands out in a competitive industry
  • How connection starts with being authentic
  • About leadership, engagement, and genuine human connection
  • Understand that emotional connection is a must to correlate with other individuals
  • About the imperfections and vulnerabilities that most leaders struggle to acknowledge yet find ways to overcome
  • How to maximize the connection and draw your community closer
  • To think differently about what it means to be a purpose-driven leader
  • How to exercise camaraderie towards your team
  • About successful leadership and how it’s built on failed attempts

All this and more, on this week’s episode of  Beyond 7 Figures.

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