Build an Awe-Inspiring Team with PRINT

Build an Awe-Inspiring Team with PRINT

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Are you looking for a way to bring out the best in your team and foster an environment of collaboration, creativity, and high performance? PRINT may be the answer. 

PRINT® is a powerful tool that helps leaders understand and lead team members by identifying their unconscious motivators and best-self behaviors. Using PRINT to build an awe-inspiring team can increase self-awareness, improve communication, and drive results.

As a leader, one of your main goals is to create a high-performing team. But how do you bring out the best in each team member and foster an environment of collaboration and excellence? 

PRINT®, a framework for understanding and leading team members, can help. 

To build an awe-inspiring team with PRINT, you identify each team member’s Unconscious Motivators and Best Self behaviors. You can also use PRINT to foster cohesion among team members and improve communication and collaboration. 

PRINT® uses a combination of customized reports, workshops. and coaching to reveal the unconscious motivations that drive a person’s behavior and actions.

The Importance of Having a Stellar Team

According to John J. Murphy, author of Pulling Together: 10 Rules for High-Performance Teamwork, teamwork is essential to a company’s success. 

“Each individual has unique gifts, talents and skills. When we bring them to the table and share them for a common purpose, it can give companies a real competitive advantage.”

But the benefits of teamwork go beyond simply improving a company’s financial performance. When done right, a more collaborative and harmonious working environment can positively impact your company and its employees.

  • better problem solving
  • increased potential for innovation
  • happier team members
  • enhanced personal growth
  • less burnout
  • more opportunities for growth
  • boosted productivity
  • smarter risk-taking
  • fewer mistakes
  • expanded creativity

A team of superstars delivers results.

Having a stellar team is essential for the success of any business, but it is particularly important for growing businesses. 

That’s because the demands on the team increase as an organization expands. To achieve sustainable growth, you need a cohesive, high-performing group of individuals working toward a common goal. 

Your rockstar team can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of expansion, such as scaling operations, entering new markets, and managing change.

A cohesive team goes hand-in-hand with your company culture.

In addition to helping navigate growth, a strong team can foster a positive company culture and help attract and retain top talent. 

When employees feel valued and supported by their team, they are more likely to stay with the company and recommend it to others. On the other hand, a toxic ‌corporate culture drives away top talent and creates a cycle of high turnover.

Understanding PRINT®: What is it all about?

A better understanding of PRINT can lead to improvements in areas such as leadership development, team building, and employee productivity, as well as reducing negative or unproductive behavior and improving communication and team cohesion.

PRINT®, developed by The Paul Hertz Group, is a tool that helps individuals and organizations understand and improve behavior by revealing unconscious motivations. It does this through customized reports, workshops, and coaching. 

It is an advanced tool built upon popular assessments such as Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinders, DISC, Insights Discovery, and MAPP.

Unlike conventional personality assessments focusing on observable behaviors or preferences, PRINT addresses the root causes of persistent issues and provides insights into the “Why of You.” These practical insights help facilitate sustainable improvement, growth, and change. 

In the past three decades, PRINT® has been used in many industries to solve organizational issues.

How does PRINT® work?

Unconscious Motivators® form the basis for why you do what you do, say what you say, and think what you think. According to Paul Hertz: “Knowing your Unconscious Motivators helps you understand why your Best Self shows up in some circumstances, while Shadow is the default in others.”

PRINT works on the concept of Unconscious Motivators, which are deep-seated motivations that drive your actions, thoughts, and words. 

There are 72 possible combinations of Major and Minor Unconscious Motivators®, which form the foundation for why you behave and think in specific ways. 

The PRINT® survey identifies an individual’s two Unconscious Motivators. These are not preferences, strengths, biases, talents, likes, or dislikes.

Think of these instead as hardwired traits that influence behavior. 

The survey also reveals an individual’s Best Self behaviors (positive and productive) and potential Shadow behaviors (negative, unproductive, and automatic), which Unconscious Motivators® directly influences. 

Together, these elements make up an individual’s PRINT®.

Understanding Best Self behaviors vs. Shadow behaviors

Triggers can have a significant impact on behavior, and understanding each team member’s unique triggers can help you avoid them and recover quickly from their effects, leading to a more productive and cohesive team. PRINT is a tool that can help you understand and manage triggers by uncovering crucial Unconscious Motivators.

PRINT reveals Unconscious Motivators and triggers, which conventional personality instruments and self-assessments do not. 

It helps you understand why your Best Self behaviors may surface in some circumstances while Shadow behaviors are more prevalent in others. 

Unique triggers are associated with an individual’s PRINT® — people, events, or circumstances that feel like an “attack” on their Unconscious Motivators®. 

Triggers are not always intentional, but they can significantly impact behavior. By understanding each team member’s triggers, you can learn to avoid them and recover quickly from their effects. 

Your team can then use this knowledge to change habitual behavioral patterns and reduce Shadow behavior, improving productivity and performance. 

Individuals and organizations can apply PRINT to areas such as hiring practices, leadership development, team functionality, adapting to change, sales effectiveness, and employee productivity.

The 9 PRINT types

Knowing the Unconscious Motivators® of the 9 PRINT® Types can help individuals understand their own behavior, improve communication, and build a more cohesive and high-performing team.

A person’s PRINT® shapes their perspective and response to people and situations.

Each person has an Unconscious Motivator that drives their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Different PRINT types may share some behaviors, but the motivations behind them can be different.

Here is a brief description of each of the nine types:

  • PRINT 1: Individuals with this type prioritize being perfect, correct, and right. They may have high standards for themselves and others and struggle with perfectionism or a need for control.
  • PRINT 2: These individuals want to feel needed and appreciated. They are supportive and helpful to others and may often seek recognition and validation.
  • PRINT 3: A need to succeed and achieve characterize this type. They are typically driven, competitive, ambitious, and focused on achieving tangible goals.
  • PRINT 4: These individuals are likely philosophical, spiritual, or creative. They usually seek more profound meaning and significance in their work and personal lives.
  • PRINT 5: This type covers knowledgeable and smart individuals. Commonly curious, analytical, and intellectual, they also learn and continuously improve their understanding of the world.
  • PRINT 6: A need for safety and security characterizes this type. These individuals are very likely to be risk-averse, cautious, and organized. They prioritize stability and predictability in their environment.
  • PRINT 7: These individuals need to enjoy life and be happy. Individuals characterized by this type will likely be cheerful, optimistic, and social. They also prioritize fun, laughter, and pleasure in their daily lives.
  • PRINT 8: This type covers strong and self-reliant individuals. They are typically independent, self-sufficient, and resourceful. They prioritize autonomy and self-sufficiency.
  • PRINT 9: Individuals with this type need peace and harmony. Those characterized by this style are cooperative, diplomatic, and accommodating. They also prioritize maintaining harmony and avoiding conflict in their relationships and environment.

An individual’s PRINT® profile consists of a major (most prevalent) and a minor (second dominant) type. 

No PRINT type is inherently better than others — they are just different.

Being in Best Self is the goal.

Every PRINT® has unique strengths (called “Best Self”) and potential weaknesses (called “Shadow”). A person’s natural state is the Best Self, but Shadow behaviors may become the default under stress.

PRINT® can help individuals learn how to permanently change their responses to situations so Best Self behaviors become the default rather than Shadow behaviors.

Being in Best Self is when an individual functions at their highest potential — this is the ultimate goal. 

In a study of over 198,000 workers in 21 industries, Best Self behaviors led to 

  • a 14% increase in customer loyalty, 
  • a 32% increase in sales, and
  • a 19% increase in profit margin.

Best Self behaviors include being flexible, open, adaptable, encouraging, helpful, assertive, responsive, loyal, detailed, and attentive. 

However, these behaviors do not come naturally for everyone. And in high-stress situations, Shadow behaviors may be more prevalent. 

Shadow behaviors are the opposite of Best Self behaviors and can be unproductive and harmful. 

By understanding and managing Unconscious Motivators and triggers, individuals can work toward replacing Shadow behaviors with Best Self behaviors.

How is PRINT applied to an organization?

Understanding an individual’s PRINT® profile can help to identify their Best Self behaviors and potential triggers, allowing for more effective communication and leadership within a team or organization.

You can apply insights from PRINT in a variety of ways within your organization, including 

  • talent recruitment and retention, 
  • team and individual motivation, 
  • managing change, and
  • increasing productivity.

Research shows that increasing self-awareness can positively impact individual productivity, team success, leadership effectiveness, and organizational change. 

For example, if a manager understands an individual’s unique needs and triggers, they can tailor their leadership style and communication to support that employee better. 

Similarly, if a team has a greater understanding of their own and each other’s PRINT® profiles, they are better equipped to work together effectively and achieve their goals.

How Do I Now Use PRINT to Build my Superstar Team?

PRINT® is an advanced assessment tool that helps individuals and organizations understand Unconscious Motivators, Best Self behaviors, and potential Shadow behaviors, allowing for building a cohesive and high-performing team.

Using PRINT to build an awe-inspiring team involves several key steps:

1. Understand the PRINT® framework.

Familiarize yourself with the PRINT framework and its nine styles. This gives you a foundation for understanding how each team member’s Unconscious Motivators and Best Self behaviors can contribute to the team’s success.

2. Assess your team’s PRINT profiles.

Use the PRINT® assessment to identify each team member’s major and minor styles. These insights help you determine their strengths, challenges, and potential triggers.

3. Foster team cohesion.

Use the insights from the PRINT profiles to foster a sense of cohesion and understanding among team members. Encourage open communication and dialogue about each team member’s strengths and challenges and how they can work together harmoniously and support each other.

4. Use PRINT to improve communication and collaboration.

Employ PRINT® to improve communication and collaboration within your team. For example, if you have team members with complementary styles, you can leverage their strengths to work together more effectively.

5. Track and adjust as needed.

Use PRINT to periodically assess your team’s dynamics and identify areas for improvement. Adjustments may involve ongoing training or development for individual team members or adjusting the team’s processes or systems. 

By continuously refining your approach to managing your team dynamics, you can maintain a high level of performance and achieve your goals.

Everything You Need to Know About PRINT®: An Infographic

Here’s a handy resource on PRINT® that we put together: an infographic for anyone looking to learn more about PRINT® and how it can benefit individuals and organizations.

This visual guide provides an overview of the PRINT® assessment tool, including how it helps individuals understand their Unconscious Motivators, Best Self behaviors, and potential Shadow behaviors.

Ready to unlock your team’s full potential? Take the next step and try PRINT® today. Contact us to schedule your PRINT® survey and start understanding your Unconscious Motivators for a more productive and positive work environment.

A Final Word on Building an Awe-Inspiring Team with PRINT

In conclusion, PRINT® is a powerful tool for building our understanding of why others act and react the way they do. The framework is proven to deliver dramatic improvements in organizational performance.

Understanding each team member’s Unconscious Motivators® and Best Self behaviors can foster cohesion, improve communication and collaboration, and drive results. 

Implementing PRINT with your team may require ongoing assessment and refinement. But the benefits — increased self-awareness, improved performance, and a more cohesive team — are worth the effort. 

If you want to take your team to the next level, consider using PRINT as part of your strategy for success.

And if you are interested in learning more about how PRINT can help you increase self-awareness and improve performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Predictable Profits. 

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