Yes You Scan! 5 Benefits To Using QR Codes In Marketing!

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You know those little black and white squiggly squares that seem to be appearing on everything you buy or in every magazine you read?  That, my friend, is a QR Code.

QR Codes, or ‘Quick Response Codes’ were first invented by the automobile industry to help track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process, but now, they are popping up everywhere!

The deal is that you scan the QR code with a special barcode scanning app on your smartphone, and it will either give you more information about the product, maybe a discount code, or take you to a certain website.

One small business marketing strategy is to put your QR code on the back of your business card, so that when people scan the code, it immediately takes the user to the site.

QR Codes are definitely a trend you want to try out, especially in today’s society where it seems no one can live without their smartphones.

Here are 5 benefits to using QR Codes for marketing your small business!

  1. Bridge the gap!  QR Codes are a great way to help bridge the gap between print and online media. You put them on offline print, and they take you to online pages.  Say you’re looking through a magazine and see an advertisement for a web designer.  At the bottom of the ad there is a QR code that says, “scan the code to watch a video on how to make your website attract twice as many visitors!”
  2. Build community!  You can create codes that are linked to your “like” button on your business’s Facebook page!  If people passing by see the code, they don’t have to remember to go back and “like” you when they get home.  You could be building your following instantly!  You can also create discount codes that are unique to every code.  “Scan now for a 10% off coupon,” could be a great way to build your customer base.
  3. Trackable!  Before, it was nearly impossible to measure who was reading your ads in which magazines or newspapers, but with QR codes, you can track results based on scans.  Interested in finding out whether you get more business from people seeing your ad in the local paper or the paper from a few towns over?  Maybe a QR code is just what you need…
  4. Excitement!  People want to find out what extra benefits they can get by scanning a code, almost like a mystery.  If you’re advertising food, you could write something like, “scan the QR code for quick and easy recipe ideas!”  It’s a free, added benefit to the customer which they will appreciate.
  5. Inexpensive!  There are free online programs that create basic QR codes for you!  Websites such as or (if you’re looking for a more fancy option) are free or cheap and are also great resources for all your QR needs!

Adding QR codes is another low cost marketing strategy to test inside of your business … with very limited downside and HUGE upside potential.

It might just get you new customers, more business and more exposure.   Go ahead, give it a shot and let us know your results.

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