Max Borges Returns to Discuss Creating an Autonomous Agency…

Max Borges - Creating an Autonomous Agency

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Ep #91 – This week on the podcast, Max Borges returns to discuss growing and running an autonomous agency. So many business owners can start an agency, but only the best are able to successfully step back from their leadership role an allow the agency to continue to thrive without them. Listen in to learn Max’s four stages of an autonomous agency, as well as his philosophies around hiring and growth.

If you missed my prior interview with Max, we were on the air just two episodes ago in episode #89, so be sure to check out that one as well.

As a reminder, Max is the founder of the Max Borges Agency (MBA), a PR business that works exclusively with consumer tech companies and serves more than 80 clients, including many of the top CE brands. MBA has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies 9 years running. They accomplish this by providing world-class results to clients in the area of consumer technology, including digital lifestyle, sports/fitness, health/wellness, connected home, wearable tech, emerging technologies, and more.

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