Jeromy Sonne on The Power of Audio Advertising…

Jeremy Sonne

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Ep 97 – This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Jeromy Sonne, the CEO of Decibel Ads, who I’ve invited onto the show to explain the power of audio advertising as part of the marketing mix for businesses. In this episode, you’ll learn why audio is an emerging ad medium with less competition and more upside than platforms like Facebook, Google, or YouTube.

Decibel Ads is a self serve ad buying platform that lets anyone buy podcast ads, Pandora ads, Spotify ads, radio ads, and other audio ads quickly.

Jeromy has worked as an online advertiser for more than a decade, starting with Facebook ads back in 2011. Since then, Jeremy has used advertising to take an app to #1 grossing in its category on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, to take a song viral by trending #1 on Spotify, and he’s scaled a DTC brand from $0 to $1M in revenue within just 6 weeks. As a freelancer and agency owner, Jeromy has worked with dozens of startups, DTC brands, and Fortune 500 companies. 

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