How to Increase Response on Your Cold Email Outreach

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How many cold outreach emails have you received this month?

It seems what’s old has become new again…

Many people tasked with generating leads are now researching potential targets and emailing them out of the blue.

In fact, I’ve been working with several clients on cold email campaigns.

Of course, I’ve been on the receiving end of several, too – and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend…

Almost all the emails seem to read the same.

It’s as if everyone follows the same template.

State your name… Explain what you do… Tell me what makes your product or service so great… And beg for a phone call…

This approach just isn’t a reliable way to start a relationship or create interest in what you offer, especially with cold emails. You also risk the recipient losing respect for your company.

So, for your cold email playbook, let’s go through a few quick tips for doing effective email outreach…

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These six actionable tips can help take your cold email strategy to a whole new level.

First, make your message personal. Your recipients should feel like they’re the only ones receiving your email.

Spend the extra time tailoring your message with items specific to each person.

Also, keep your emails short. Just get the conversation going and leave your recipient craving more details.

If you demonstrate value when cold emailing, people will respond.

Remember, too, that immediately asking to schedule a phone call is communication on your terms. It’s an immediate giveaway that you want to control the conversation (i.e., sell).

One test worth trying is simply ending your emails with a question.

For example:

“Are you in a position to take on new clients right now?”
“Would you like me to email you a few ideas?”
“Are you still looking for new franchise opportunities?”

And finally, add another touchpoint. Small-scale direct mail campaigns are ideal for reaching decision-makers.

Of course, just a basic letter or postcard won’t do. You need to be more strategic.

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How prospects perceive you during the initial interaction - Predictable Profits

Whether you’re cold calling or reaching out face-to-face, a personal approach can take you far.

And here’s another thought worth testing…

A Northwestern University study that examined doctors’ visits with patients revealed insight that can affect how prospects perceive you during the initial interaction.

The study, published in the Journal of Participatory Medicine, analyzed doctors’ first-time interactions with patients suffering from common colds.

The doctors used paper charts (computerized systems were removed so attention could focus on nonverbal cues) and spent about 3.5 minutes with each patient.

Following the visits, each patient was asked questions to help measure their perception of their doctor’s empathy and likeability and the “connectedness” they felt toward their doctor.

Researchers then analyzed the video recordings second by second, paying close attention to nonverbal communication.

They concluded that while social touch and visit length can play a role in a patient’s perception of empathy, one factor was the most critical to creating open conversation and establishing trust…

Eye contact.

This simple action, researchers stressed, can lead to patients who return for care, adhere to medical advice, and stay with the same providers.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

After all, eye contact shows you’re focused and paying attention. It also indicates openness in communication.

But here’s the problem for us – at least as it relates to cold email:

You can’t make eye contact…

Or can you?

I often suggest that my clients (especially those with too many prospects who don’t respond/engage after an initial inquiry) reply back with a video message.

Keep in mind, your potential prospects don’t expect to see a video… Your face and eye contact… Or a personalized message.

All of these factors work to your advantage.

As for tools to use, Screencast-O-Matic is one way to record these types of videos fast. With the push of a button, you can record a screencast video for free (while also using your webcam) and share a link that plays your message.

Loom is another free option worth exploring, but the point here is to be as personal as possible.

Be as personal as possible, and your cold email efforts won’t seem so cold…

(By Tom Trush)

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