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Have you heard of Crossfit? Some people call it a cult and … well … oddly, most ‘Crossfitters’ won’t deny it.  In fact, many of us would rather agree with the accusation then refute it.

The restaurants in town know us, (due to the high-performance diet).

The locals know us. (How can you miss a group of crazy folks flipping heavy equipment tires in the parking lot?!).

And we’ve convinced a lot more people that we’re crazy (and, yes, we’re proud of it!)….

We use the same language, share the same stories, proudly wear the t-shirts and have a fraternal bond with thousands of other ‘Crossfitters’ across the globe.

While the term ‘cult’ is rather amusing, we’re actually more of a tribe.

And on Saturday, I joined my tribe in a competition for fittest athlete.  Rope climbing, wall balls, kettlebell swings, pull ups and Olympic lifting (to name a few) was all part of the day … and we left with sweat, sore muscles, blisters and one bad-ass experience that only further solidified our commitment to the tribe.

From a business perspective, creating this type of environment is a dream come true!

Apple has a tribe.  So does Star Trek.  Harley Davidson has one and so does Harry Potter.

Seth Godin, author of the best-selling book, “Tribes” says: “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

It’s a group of customers that are connected to an idea – but not just any idea, one that unifies, bonds, leads and often represents something bigger than just one individual.

People want to belong to a community and they want leadership.

They want to know that you believe in something and that your interests extend beyond just making a profit.  In fact, they want to feel like they’re getting a WHOLE LOT more being a ‘member’ of the tribe than the investment to belong.

Disney has a raving fan base.  It’s going to cost my family and I about a thousand bucks to enter the park for a few days and we’ll surely to drop a few more thousand dollars on doo-dads, gatzees and food.

BUT, here’s the deal, we believe that Disney invests more money in our experience than we give them (a funny illusion, but true nonetheless).   With your park ticket, you get the experience of the parades, jaw-dropping theme rides, impeccable cleanliness of the park, massive firework displays, Vegas-style performances and a LOT more at no additional charge.

Insiders’ Club Members are part of our tribe.  We pull out all the stops for our members and spend countless hours, time and resources trying to make sure that our Insiders’ Club Members have the best, most rewarding and highest advantage possible.  They know, believe and trust that we are insanely dedicated to their business success to provide the ultimate entrepreneurial advantage.

And you can have a tribe – or a cult – as well.

What do you stand for?

How are you helping people?

How can you inspire, ignite and lead a change in your industry?

People are looking for you.  Go make something happen.

what now?

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