Investor, serial entrepreneur, coach and international speaker, Emi Kirschner, masterfully combines her intuitive abilities with her analytical sense to help driven, creative entrepreneurs who feel like they are still wearing all of the hats in their business become Visionary CEOs who are able to make incredible impact in their industry while doubling revenue. 

Emi’s approach to business growth focuses on developing servant leadership at the management level while implementing her Authentic Organic Sales ™ systems to close more clients and build relationships that keep clients coming back again and again.

She helps business owners maximize their personal energy and attain exceptional performance for themselves and their teams and teach how to foster open communication and build strong team relationships based on the leadership skills she learned as a single mom starting multiple businesses. 

As the host of the Tribe of Leaders podcast, Emi interviews successful entrepreneurs who share their stories of success and failure in growing their business and the leadership skills they attained along the way.  

As a Young Entrepreneur Academy instructor Emi teaches 7th-12th graders how to write a business plan and pitch to investors. 

Emi can be found seeking sunshine and beaches up and down the east coast or you might find her wearing flip flops while walking her two dogs where she lives in Philadelphia. 


“Emi integrates a unique set of analytical, intuitive, and intellectual skill that allow her to offer crisp, clear insights beyond the standard empirical do’s and don’ts. I sincerely believe only a few professionals actually help to deliver the desired end results. From personal experience, Emi Kirschner is ONE of the very few talents who delivers as advertised.”

-Ken Herman, Managing Partner, IntelliSwiss

” It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Emi. Her insight and vision coupled with her clarity and work ethic make her an amazing coach and supporter for what you stand for. Any opportunity to be in her tribe and to work with her is a blessing!” 

-Dan LievensFounder, The Proof

“Emi can take your business from breakdown to breakthrough in 5 days. She understands numbers and how to show up to get results. She is a business leader to follow” 

-Tanisha Layne, Money and Success Coach