Daily Coaching

Feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel? Getting pulled in a million different directions with hiring, training, marketing, sales and customer support?

With all the demand on your time, the water’s getting muddy. As a result, you’re not only overlooking potential profit, it’s difficult to know what you should focus on right now to create growth.

The Process

Identify specific, measurable and achievable business outcomes 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 30 days from now that absolutely must be true in order for you to reach your next million this year.​

Set up a system for predictably (and consistently) increasing your revenue from one month to the next.

Determine your #1 core focus, each day, to scale your business.

Create a scalable action plan for making your business less dependent on you.

Develop a plan for future aspirations and a process for achieving them.

Manage your time, money and resources for achieving maximum results while minimizing wasted effort

Create a plan for moving beyond ‘guesswork’ and have the confidence of knowing you’re moving the right direction.

What You Get

Receive personal, daily email coaching Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) directly from our CEO & Founder Charles Gaudet.

Discover 21 rapid-growth, easy-to-implement strategies for generating more leads and converting more sales.

Learn the 12-hour strategy for turning unconverted leads into sales — perfect for those times when you need a huge cash influx.

Get the blueprint for turning lost and disengaged leads and clients back into the sales cycle.

Receive everything you need to know for successfully growing and scaling your business in this video training that practically guarantees to turn you into an entrepreneurial genius.

Total Invesment: $997/Month