"Quadrupled Business In Less Than 12 Months!"

A leading, multi-national expert went from earning several million a year to just $250,000 in annual revenues in 2010.

After hiring several marketing experts, he wasn’t sure Predictable Profits could help him dig out of this hole.

But desperate (and curious) he made the decision to move forward.

This expert saw the benefits right away. Return rates dropped from 35% to less than 2% and revenues suddenly skyrocketed.

Within a year, he quadrupled his business often making more money in a couple weeks than he made in the prior several months combined.

When this expert saw the impact of Predictable Profits, he eagerly kept us on as his trusted advisor for years.

But results wasn’t a result of some super-secret formula, it simply was predicated upon three main strategies:

  1. Create Something New: His market had seen the same old offer since 1994. It was time for something new. We repackaged his offer, added a couple bonuses and his clients ate it up.

  2. Increase Prices: We worked with the expert to create an offer that was so compelling, he was able to increase his prices by 25% without losing a single client (in fact, sales went up!)

  3. Leverage Partner Relationships: Because we had a compelling offer that converted, our client used our “Triple Win JV Strategy” to drive a flood of leads to his business.
a chart from a case study showing gross revenue growth

^ Yes, this is an image of his results executing the Predictable Profits methodology.


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