"Month-to-Month Sales Are Up 100%!"

A popular author, coach, and speaker did a great job building an email list of over 50,000 prospects.

For this expert, hiring Predictable Profits wasn’t about figuring out how to get more leads (she already had plenty of them) – it was about getting a strategy for turning more leads into paying clients.

A couple of times a month, she emailed her list with an offer, yet her response rates were lower than she expected.

She was starting to think maybe it was time to lower prices or, worse, that she was losing business to an inferior competitor.

Within the first month of working with her, we introduced her to “The Customer Re-Engagement Strategy.” It’s a strategy comprised of three carefully crafted emails designed to create a buying frenzy.

The Customer Re-Engagement Strategy works so well because it:

Acknowledges that the prospect has not purchased
Presents them with a time-limited and irresistible offer
Helps the prospect feel special, valued and appreciated.

How’d it work for her?

In her words:

“My assistant and I have been up for two days taking orders and responding to ‘thank you’ notes from our database. This campaign exceeded our expectations. Month-to-month sales are up 100%!”

But that’s not even the best news…

The Customer Re-Engagement Strategy can be automated and ran to a segmented list, every month, forever. Now that’s predictable profits!