Building a Winning Team from Anywhere feat. Brad Stevens

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Understanding how to effectively utilize outsourcing and virtual teams is more important than ever. Curious about what’s crucial for any entrepreneur aiming to scale effectively? Harnessing the power of outsourcing and virtual teams is key. We’ll explore how leveraging these resources can not only enhance operational efficiency but also provide substantial growth opportunities for businesses looking to expand their reach and capabilities on a global scale.

Episode 226: Learn how to scale effectively with outsourcing and virtual teams.

Joining me is Brad Stevens, a seasoned entrepreneur who has mastered the art of scaling businesses internationally. As the Founder and CEO of Outsource Access, Brad has grown his company to an impressive workforce of over 500 in just 4.5 years, aiming to double that number by the end of 2024. His extensive experience and commitment to impactful outsourcing make him the perfect guest to shed light on the strategic advantages and challenges of building high-performance virtual teams. So, let’s get right into it and learn from Brad’s journey and expertise in transforming outsourcing into a powerhouse tool for business growth.

Key Takeaways:

                    • Discover how to harness the global talent pool to drive your business growth.
                    • Learn the strategies Brad Stevens used to scale Outsource Access and manage a workforce spread across continents.
                    • Understand the tactics that earned Brad’s company recognition from Inc Magazine and other prestigious platforms.
                    • Hear firsthand stories of how outsourcing has transformed operations and led to significant business achievements.
                    • Explore what the future holds for outsourcing and virtual team management in the evolving business landscape.
                    • Know common obstacles and solutions in leading distributed teams effectively.
                    • Gain valuable tips from Brad on scaling businesses and building resilient entrepreneurial ventures.

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