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Salespeople can be… Tough. Do you hate walking into a car dealership or getting an email list that pounds you daily with “buy this” messages over and over again?

Oddly, some people teach that this way of hard, constant selling is the right way to close people and earn more sales.

I don’t get it.

Sure, maybe they’ll get a few sales that way; however, there’s an old saying:

“Nobody likes being sold, but everybody likes to buy.”

In the long run, their sales will suffer.

And worst of all, these marketers and salespeople don’t even believe their own pitches and hype… it’s stinks of B.S.

Look, nobody likes being sold because we feel the salesperson or marketer:

  1. Has a lack of transparency (they’re in it for the sale!)
  2. Is not trustworthy
  3. May not honor their promises
  4. Might not be selling me the right product/services for my needs
  5. Does not understand my needs
  6. Is too pushy

Strategic Entrepreneurs understand that in today’s economy, evidence has proven that customers are still spending money but they’re being smarter with the decisions they are making!

As long as you approach marketing and sales with the attitude of just “closing the deal” you’re missing the point…

Your customer needs you to understand their needs, problems, and wants, and help them become a smarter consumer so they feel they made the best possible deal.

No more shenanigans, trickery, and hard sales.

Rather than approaching your customer like pushy salespeople, with the attitude, “I wonder how much money I can get out of them?” – the Strategic Entrepreneur will ask him/herself:

“How can I provide this person with the greatest advantage, benefit, or value?”

And when your customers feel special, valued, and appreciated because of your approach to sales and marketing – they will begin to trust you.

With trust, likeability, and the feeling that they know you – you’ve got the winning combination for higher sales conversions, more repeat business, greater profits, and a windfall of referrals.

Like all the best marketing ideas and strategies… it really just boils down to some common sense and reflecting back on how you would like to be treated if the tables were turned.

Move forward. Earn more profits. Make a difference.

With gratitude,


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