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“The internet is not a business, it’s a media.”

– Dan Kennedy

Too often, you’ll hear people say that they’re in the “internet business”, but what’s important to keep in mind is that the Internet is just another means of disseminating information.

Maybe it’s a blog

Maybe it’s a corporate brochure …

Maybe it’s a video

Or perhaps a series of sales pages and offerings….

The point is that the Internet is simply a marketing tool and just another way to get your product or service in front of people.

The Internet is simply one (very important) component for a source of leads and sales, but should not be relied upon as the ONLY source of marketing and/or income.

Your search engine rankings could disappear in an instant due to algorithm changes or more strategic competitors; your pay per click advertising accounts could be shut down (it happened to many thousands of people in the last couple years … and continues to happen); and your media buys could vanish over night.

This is why it’s important to look at the Internet as just one cog in the marketing wheel … just one pillar in the Parthenon of profitable avenues you could deploy as a strategic entrepreneur.

Google, the most notable Internet behemoth, controlling almost 70% of all Internet search traffic in the world, still uses direct mail(!!) and other such marketing strategies to drive users and traffic to their search engine!

They’re not in the “internet business” – they operate search technology making it easier for users to find the most relevant information and resources from around the world … and they use many different marketing strategies to assert its dominance in the market place.

The dominant players on the Internet understand that the Internet is just another marketing tool for which there are many marketing tactics and uses…

So, if you’re an “Internet Entrepreneur” and relying the Internet to drive 100% of all your leads and sales … perhaps you should take another look at the options available to you.  Consider broadening your marketing strategies to include offline (such as direct mail), media (such as press releases) and endorsements (such as joint ventures) as a good starting point.

Point to remember: The more pillars of income in your marketing toolbox, the more predictable your profits and your income!



P.S.  Additional sources of income and detailed marketing strategies are discussed inside of the Predictable Profits Insider’s Club.

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