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Gary Keller’s book “The One Thing” really hit home with me, and changed the way we do business.

It also hit home with Zach (one of our rockstar team members):

You see, the entrepreneurs we work with know that there are many, many, many overlooked and untapped profit centers that exist – right now – in their businesses.

On one hand, it’s great that they have so many options to grow.

On the other hand, if they try to tackle them all at once, they may never get them done. That’s why  it’s important to put your stake in the ground, take one idea, one technique, one strategy – and put it into action before you move onto the next one.

Simply getting one thing done first allows you to accomplish bigger things next.

Keller explains this point using dominos.

He describes how a single domino is capable of bringing down another domino that’s actually 50% larger (a concept he borrowed from Lorne Whitehead in a 1983 article found in the American Journal of Physics).

It’s a concept called geometric progression.

Few people understand the implication of this…

When you start with just one half-inch domino… And knock down one at a time, each one 50% larger than the previous one… By the time you’ve reached the 18th domino, that domino would be as tall as the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

The 23rd domino would be as tall as the Eiffel Tower!

The 31st domino would be taller than Mt. Everest by 3,000 feet!

The 57th domino would bridge the distance between the earth and the moon…

To take your business to the next level, you can easily do the same thing.

It starts by getting ONE “little” thing done before moving to the next.

For example, your “One Thing” might be to optimize the email opt-in conversion on your website.

You can do this by testing:

  • Moving the opt-in box from the right side of your blog to the left (this DOUBLED my opt-ins over 8 months
  • Adding an “exit intent” popup (this is a popup that shows up AFTER someone decides to leave – Sumo.com has a great tool for this)
  • A “content upgrade” (an area you can embed inside of your blog posts – one a few paragraphs into your content, and another at the end)
  • Adding a button style opt-in to your menu bar

And of course, you can test your call-to-action (and a million other variables).

Put your stake in the ground. Eliminate all distractions and make your “80% plan” for whatever it is you decide to tackle.

You see, if all you did was increase your opt-ins by a mere 20% (and that’s pretty easy to do if you take some of the examples I gave you)…

That’s 20% more opt-ins…

Opt-ins mean more sales…

More customers means more repeat business…

Repeat business means more potential referrals… And the list goes on.

One small domino allows you the opportunity to get bigger results.

what now?

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